Tundra's Location

The artic tundra’s are mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere but some have been found in the Southern Hemisphere in islands near Antarctica and in the Antarctica Peninsula. There are five main arctic tundra’s in the world and they lie in North America, Northern Europe and Northern Asia. They are called Northern Alaska, Scandinavian, Siberian, Canada and Greenland tundra. The Tundra is about 3 million square miles long and covers about 20% of the earth's surface. The latitude of which the tundra is located is 55 degrees-75 degrees N. They are in one way all connected. They share the same location, climate, flora and fauna.
The Alaskan tundra lies in Northern Alaska covering all of the state of Alaska.
The Scandinavian tundra lies in the largest peninsula in Europe, Scandinavia and it extends from the Arctic Circle to the North and Baltic Sea.

The Siberian tundra lays in Siberia a vast region of Russia. It extends from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

The Canadian tundra lies in the beautiful country of Canada and the tundra extends from the Mackenzie delta to the Hudson Bay and NE Labrador.

The Greenland tundra lies in Northern Greenland and it’s about 11,563,300 km2 (4,464,600 sq. mi) in space.