Caridad Milanes - 11th Grade

I have truly enjoyed working in this GVC project and since this was my first year I was delighted. I expected to just meet other people and work with them, but this exceeded my expectations. All the teachers and advisers have been very kind and well-coordinated. The website looks spectacular and we all learned something new like I learned how to resize images. Working with people all around the world is not something you do every day so I really appreciated the opportunity. We worked well with the other groups and everyone finished their precise tasks on time. Also this gave me a great review of biomes.

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Ana Garcia - 11th grade

Having the chance of being in this competition brought me good experiences and also has made me realize that working in cooperative group can always bring a good result.  I have to thank my teacher that encourages me in participating in projects that will challenge my skills. I would be happy to join this program this year.

Shakela Uddin - 11th grade
As a first time participant in GVC, I found GVC to be a good opportunity for me to interact with people from different countries. I never worked with anyone outside of the same classroom as me, let alone students from other countries. Overall, it was a interesting learning experience communicating and working with foreign country students. It was difficult to overcome obstacles to communicate with our partners but I feel we have done an excellent job and I am satisfied with the results.
Dung Nguyen- 11th Grade
This is my first time participating in this program. I enjoyed working and collaborating with students who were from other countries. I liked learning new things and doing research. This program taught me how to make a web site in a nontraditional way. I got to meet new people and create a site. Overall, I really enjoyed doing this program and would gladly do again next year.
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Veronica Benavides- 11th Grade

I honestly liked working on this project. I think that this program is perfect to learn about time management and communication skills. Communication was very crucial in doing a website. We had to have a strong communication to establish consent of the work that each country would do. I think that GVC is a great way to know people from other countries. I’ve learn to adapt to working with students from other countries which was something that I personally never had the chance to do. Overall, based on the experience, knowledge I gained, and the time constraint, I would recommended this program to other teachers in the future and gladly take time to participate again.

Byron Mouen- 9th Grade

This is my first time working on such a huge competition. For me, it's quite a learning experience for me since I never thought I would be in such a competition. GVC was a great opportunity for me to work with other people across the world but I do find it overwhelming. As of right now, I am happy to be working with other people across the world and being in GVC. Being in GVC to me gives me an opportunity to hone my skills as a webdesigner/webmaster. All and all, I find the competition quite compelling and a new experience.