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Aldo Tahiri of Winners Education, Greece

What I like most is that I learned things like the safe use of the internet and how to respect other people's work. The most important that we have learned about is the Earth and especially the oceans.
It's real fun to make projects with Mrs Effie and I would like to take part inn the GVC project again next year!

ELLIE TOPALIDI of Winners Education, Greece
I learned many interesting things during the GVC project. I saw videos, my friend Flora and I found information about plants and animals that live in the ocean and above all I practised my English while we communicated with other teams using Edmodo.I also enjoyed drawing some of the pictures.
FLORA  MALAMATENIOU of Winners Education, Greece
What I liked most during the GVC project is that we searched for information on the environment and how fragile it is. We made videos, we leared how to create presentations and we discussed a lot about our planet in class.
JASON STASSINOS of Winners Education, Greece
I enjoyed working on the site we created for the GVC site because we learned a lot of things . I cooperated with my classmates to find the title, to create the pages and I also enjoyed drawing some of the photos and maps for the website. I also became more familiar with the internet and Edmodo.
PANAYIOTIS PETROPOULOS of Winners Education, Greece

What I liked most in the GVC project that we do with Mrs. Effie Kyrikakis is that: we are all one team and we cooperate with children from all over the world! We have learnt many new things about the internet and the environment, we learned how to look for information and free photos online and, of course, we improve our English level!

STAMATIS TROUSSAS of Winners Education, Greece

I like the GVC project that we took part in because we learned to use our English better. One other reason is because we learn to work as a team and meet new people. Also, we learn new things about the environment and learned to use Edmodo.

THALIS TSAKIRIDIS of Winners Education, Greece

I like being involved in the GVC project because I can communicate with people of my age from from all over the world. Also I like working as a team and learning new things.

THEO MICHAILIDIS of Winners Education, Greece

First of all, I like the GVC project because we use the internet and the computer to look for information. We always watch videos and we always learn new vocabulary. What I enjoyed most was that we learned by playing games and discussing our opinion for the lesson and the videos. I hope we ill take part agin next year.

YIANNIS FILIS of Winners Education, Greece

One thing that like in the GVC project is that we speak with a lot of people of our age in other countries. We also learn English in a fun way. Finally, we work in groups with my classmates to find information and create the website pages.