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Conventionally, the ocean was divided into four majorocean basins. In Spring 2000, however,  afifth one, the Southern Ocean was delimited by the International HydrographicOrganization. The Earth's oceans are all connected to one another and here theyare ordered by size

The Pacific Oceancovers an area of 155,557,000 sq km and is locatedbetween the Western Hemisphere, Asia, and Australia

The Atlantic Ocean covers anarea of 76,762,000 sq km and is situated between theWestern Hemisphere, between the Western Hemisphere Europe and Africa


The Indian Ocean covers anarea of 68,556,000 sq km and is located between Africa,Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.




The Southernor Antarctic Ocean has beennamed a separate ocean in 2000. It covers an area of 20,327,000 sq km and surroundsAntarctica




dotThe Arctic Ocean covers anarea of 14,056,000 sq km and is the ocean north of the Arctic Circle.







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