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Helping Focus

Meadowcreek high School, USA

We here at Meadowcreek High School are very dedicated to helping others and care for our environment so we can preserve nature’s beautiful gift to us. We have various clubs in our school that help in numerous ways like community service, fundraising, and marches. We have been helping others for a long time and that’s something that we all enjoy.  

We Fund Raise for March of Dimes
March of dimes is an organization that supports premature babies by raising money for research and treatment. We help by selling cards with the customer’s name in exchange for a small donation. We are very dedicated and thankful that we can help the premature babies since they are our future. In addition to this form of fundraising, we also attend all the marches.

We care for our environment
We are all aware that we need to protect our environment as much as we can, and we take this job very seriously. We recycle plastic bottles, paper, and aluminum cans. We collect ink cartridges and old cell phones to keep them out of landfills that are polluting the air we breathe. We also do community service by collecting trash from parks and more importantly we RECYCLE all that we can.



We say thanks to our hero
We always keep in mind the people that take care of us and protect us. We pick a day in April to demonstrate our sincere appreciation to our heroes, firefighters. Our school is located right next to a fire station. We chose a day and make baskets full of cookies, treats, and we wrap them nicely in nice ribbons and take them to the fire station. They really love and appreciate them and that gives us a sense of great satisfaction. By doing this on a yearly basis, it has become a “tradition” for our school.



We care for the elderly too
One of our organizations does a community service in which they go to a nursing home and entertain the senior citizens. They play them music, play cards with them, and most importantly, bond with them. Also the women love to get their nails painted by our team. The senior citizens are really glad we do things like this because it makes them feel like someone still cares about them. As always we are more than willing to help.



We also help the youth

We don't only focus on our environment or just the elderly we help everybody including children. One of the organizations at the school has a team that attends elementary schools. They play with the students and help them with their academic studies. The younger children love our team since they help them understand better their work while they are having fun. This is also very effective and helps the younger students learn more.