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Helping Focus

 Winners Education Language schools, Athens, Greece

A Helping Hand for The Smile

"Learning is a life-long journey, not just a goal and during this journey we will only becme richer if we first become better human beings. This deep belief defines our school culture and dictates our instruction. As a result Winners Education students are always willing to help others and feel fulfilled because of this."
As part of our moto to “encourage, enlighten, educate”, Winners Education sponsored this year the non-profit voluntary organisation "The Smile of the Child". The Smile or, as we call it in Greek “Chamoyelo”, deals with the daily problems children encounter, defending children's rights, not only on paper but also in practice, providing services to children on a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year-basis, working for their physical, mental, and psychological well-being.
Along with the school’s contribution, this year Winners Education’s students were encouraged to share some of their pocket money to enable The Smile help other children who are less fortunate than them and they happily obliged. The sum we collected was presented to the Smile volunteer who also talked to us about the value of generosity during our school’s 20-year anniversary event.

The Smile of the ChildDonating to The Smile

Earth-Hour/Drawing For the Earth

Respecting our Cradle of Life that has been the Earth for thousands of years is our duty and our privilledge. That’s what every student at Winners Education will tell you if yo ask them how they feel about our planet. We traditionally observe the Earth Hour by turning off our school and home lights for one hour. This year the Earth Hour is on March 23rd and our school decided to also hold a drawing competiotion for “Earth- My Sunny Thought for the Future”

Battery  recycling

Another very important way to show our respect not only for the present but also for the future of our Home Planet is to recycle … anything recyclable. Batteries are high in our recycling priority list as they contain dangerous chemicals that contaminate the ground if not properly disposed of. Our school’s battery recycling project has proven very popular and the special container has to be emptied every few months.
Battery Recycling

We believe in Possitive Thinking

Learning to concentrate on the positive side of things is a life skill that is best learnt when taught at a young age. As our country, like many other nations on the planet, is struggling to cope with the financial challenges, we need to learn to focus on the positive side of our lives instead of concentrating on what is going wrong.

Winners Education students presented their way of looking at the bright side of life. They created handicrafts with “G” for generosity, and gratitude and “I” for ideas and surprised all the knowledgeable grown-ups with the maturity of their thinking. The bottom line was: Be grateful for what you have, sharing makes you a richer person, be creative and come p with new ideas to face challenges. What advice can be more wise that that, especially when coming from children?

World Friends – Helping classes aroud the world use online technology to collaborate.

Collaboration is an essential ingredient of learning at Winners Education. We have created the World Friends project to learn from our peers from around the world but also to help them open up the windows of their classrooms to the world.

Win2 class were thrilled to connect though our World Lunch Table Project with a special-ed class in the states who had never collaborated on an international project before. The US class was encouraged to create a video about their daily lunch at school. The Greek class created an online presentation. A Skype appointment was set then and the US students were amazed to connect online for the first time and share their thoughts and… lunches with the Greek class.

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