background information

The Tropical rain forest is mostly located in near the equator (e.g., Central America). The rain forest cover less the 6% of Earth, and them provide 40% of Earth’s oxygen. Your eye muscles move 100,000 times a day. Most of the tropical forest has tall and large trunks and little sun light on the ground. 

There are four layers tropical rain forests have:

  • Emergent layer:  Emergent is the top part. It get the greatest amount of  sunlight, high temperatures, and low humidity
  •  Canopy Layer:  lower than the emergent layer and higher than the understory.
    • -Home to 90% of all rainforest animals like monkeys, birds, and sloth
    • -Highly densely by tree branches
    • -Usably 18 to 27 meter above the ground floor
forest floor
    • Get less than 20% of sunlight
    • Low grow of plants due to poor sunlight
    • Most rainforest have poor soils
    • High decay rate
    • have plants like orchids, carnivorous pant, and bromeliads


  • Get 2% to 15% of sunlight
  • Most open and contain young trees
  • Mostly trunks from old trees
  • Little wind
  • Highly shaded

Have plants like Lianas, stilts. Click here to learn more about it.